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A semi-Realistic wolf RPG, join this Pack/group on devianart. Visit the forum and RP! If you are interested, there is also a chat box at the bottom of the forum! Click the link at this description below and it'll take you to the forum page!
Founded 3 Years ago
Dec 30, 2013


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9 Members
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Fading Shadows Pack-The Wolves by Featherwolf25
WolfQuest Screenshot 1 by Paintsongpony
Wolfquest-White wolf icon 2 by Featherwolf25
WolfQuest-White Wolf Icon 1 by Featherwolf25
WolfQuest-Timber Wolf Icon by Featherwolf25
WolfQuest-White Wolf pup icon by Featherwolf25
Meet the wolves
Fading Shadows Pack-Wolves + names by Featherwolf25
Fading Shadows Pack-The Wolves by Featherwolf25
WolfQuest-Blazey by Featherwolf25
WolfQuest-Cyanite by Featherwolf25
FSP Wolf Adoptables Center
Wolf Adoptable-Swift by Featherwolf25
WolfQuest-Bramble by Featherwolf25
WolfQuest-Aura and Snow by Featherwolf25
WolfQuest-Element by Featherwolf25

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Welcome visitors! This group is also for the forum! Go ahead and be a part of the pack!
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Journal Writers

Fading Shadows Pack Forums

Make sure to join our forum for amazing semi-realistic pack RPGs! and even more stuff coming on.
.Crystal Divider. by Grovyles
Our pack message/quote: Be the wolf of the pack, no matter if our shadows are fading we will unite as one...
I have no idea how I come up with it, but I think its kinda nice X3
.Crystal Divider. by Grovyles
Ranks available:
Alphess(Rank closed): Fire
Beta: Blazey(blaze),Cyanite
Hunter: None
Pups & omegas: None
Members: none
Newbies: none
Protectors: Rebel
Healers: Luna
Yearling: none
Fighters: Breeze, Nova
Warriors: Kiko
.Crystal Divider. by Grovyles
Pack theme song'
give me the links if you have any other good ones.
.Crystal Divider. by Grovyles
The Pack Forum:

Fading shadows pack on deviantart chat:…

Contact the Founder:

Other webs:
~Feral heart: Eternalwolf01
~Animal Jam: Mysticalwolfspirit
~WolfQuest: Firewolf256

.Crystal Divider. by Grovyles
If you have ran out of ideas for your wolf names(your username) I suggest that you might wanna check this topic out! It should give you some ideas.
Wolf name help thread:…
Well I hope it is helpful. ^^


This collection does not have any deviations yet!
Hello it is really been awhile since im making another journal entry and if you have joined our forum or group, thx for that! and i think... this group forum needs a new banner, so yea... plz follow these points below before making a banner and submit it to the forum!

--How to enter--
>Add me as a watch

>Give a llama badge!

>fave this journal

>Write a journal which says:":iconfeatherwolf25: is holding a contest on the Fading Shadows Pack forum banner! plz enter!" and make sure to give the link as well.

--How to submit your banner--
:bulletblue: Make sure to submit to deviantart! so i can save it and upload it to the forum!

:bulletblue: Before making a banner, plz join our forum in order to submit the banner to deviantart and before i could save it and upload it to the forum!

:bulletblue: Make sure that the forum banner has these wolf characters(including yourself): Fire, Blaze(y), Cyanite, Rebel, Nova and Breeze. in order to find out their wolf fur colours look at one of my edited images! if you want to find out what does the other wolf fur colours look like send me a note or leave a comment down below!

1st winner receives a llama badge(and a watch) from me! ^^

2nd winner gets to use one of my wolf adoptables!

3rd winner gets to request a wolf icon(FOR FREE!!!)

4th winner gets to join my group as a part of the co-founders

--Closing Date--
The closing date will be closed when every one has been submitting their banners and ill decide which banner will be the best! so it really depends...
if you've seen my topic post at the forum, visit this topic:… to get your wolf names, if you want it here you can! look at these wolf names, maybe you might wanna use it, and if the names are taken ill just delete it and try to think for more new wolf names, so here they are. BTW im gonna use the names which ive mentioned at the forums, so if you have seen double of it, don't tell me that X3 but ill just think of some wolf names which ive not been mentioned

wolf names(for ♀)
► blue
► twilight
► whisper
► neon
► breeze
► mist
► willow
► cinder
► Spirit
► Echo
► Victory
► Destiny

wolf names(for ♂)
► desertstorm
► Bone
► Hidden
► Timber

I cant think of any... so if you have more make sure to post a reply!
This is Feather aka Fire, so now I've recently made a forum and maybe you could join because it really needs more members, it's a semi-realistic RP so please read these rules before joining.  

Pack Forum:

-:-:-Forum Rules-:-:-
• Do not power play(remember it's a semi-Realistic Rp!)
• No violent languages
• Don't post the same topic as the other users did(it would be too confusing.)

Alright so if you have any questions leave a comment.

Alright so here are the rank when you sign in to the forums:
Alphness(Female Leader): Rank Closed.
Beta: -  
Delta: -
Healer: -
Pups & omegas: -
Members: -
Protector: -
Hunter: -  

BTW ur username must be ur wolf name!
This is my second journal entry on the Pack/Group on deviantart


Alpha(rank closed):
The most important role of the pack, the Alphas lead hunts and decides when or where to go out hunting with the hunters.

Betas(Rank closed):
2nd in position of the Pack, the betas train to be Alphas and be one if the Alphas has been retired, sick or has become and elder.

3rd in position of the Pack, Deltas train to be in betas.

The important Member of the Pack, the healers will wonder around making herbs for the pack who is injured/sick

Hunters hunt for the pack, they follow the Alphas orders on which prey to kill best.  

They will patrol around the pack looking out for intruders.

The scouts usually patrols around the clearing unlike the sentinels.

They have experienced how's life in a Pack, they usually stay in their den and rarely come out unless they have something to share among the Packs

They are also a "pup sitter" they usually get picked on by the members of the Pack especially the Alphas, they are last to eat after a kill, if the omegas are get picked on too much, they might even become loners! They hunt food for the elders.

They stay In the den until they are ready to explore around, the pups usually visits the elders den for a friendly greeting.  

Have you decide what rank you wanna be yet? Leave a comment down below and tell me your rank. Any questions? Leave a comment below too! Lol
Alright I'm gonna post this because I've created a forum called "Fadig Shadows Pack!" It's a semi realistic Wolf RP. If you would like to join please go my forum and register!

-:-:-Rules for this group-:-:-
Do NOT post any stolen art work, it would be removed
If you are asking if you would like to join or not answer is yes.
No violent words on this group obviously!!!

If you have any other questions add a comment below, any comments that are commented anywhere else will be hidden and ignored
More Journal Entries


Welcome to the group if you are interested to join our forum click the link at the custom box which says about the pack forums.








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